The Korte Company welcomes Ivan Bustamante to preconstruction services

The Korte Company is very excited to announce that Mr. Ivan Bustamante will be joining their Preconstruction Department, working out of the Las Vegas division.

Ivan is certainly no stranger to the construction industry, where he has spent several decades learning the ropes, tackling several roles including design, construction management, design management, project management and preconstruction services.

Ivan first studied architecture in Bolivia, his home country before moving to the United States in 1991 and pursuing his Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.

Ivan currently lives in Kaysville, Utah with his wife and two children. His home is near the Wasatch Mountains, where he gets outside as much as he can. An avid runner, biker, swimmer and skier, Ivan has competed in several marathons, triathlons and Century rides through the years (sounds like he could be a great fit for our bike team). And when he’s not hitting the roads, trails and mountains with his kids, he’s coaching soccer and participating in scouts.

When they do sit still, the Bustamantes like to gather around the table and enjoy his wife’s hobby – cooking.  And according to Ivan, “There’s nothing like it.”

Sounds like Ivan’s pretty busy, so if you see him – please welcome him to the company.

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