Korte Completes Addition to Pavilion for Women

The Korte Company recently completed its expansion project for Anderson Hospital’s Pavilion for Women. Anderson Hospital delivers more babies at this facility than any other hospital in Southern Illinois. In 2007, the Pavilion delivered nearly 1800 babies, a 21% increase from deliveries in 2003. Because of the increasing number of patients, it was imperative to increase the size of the unit to meet the growing community’s needs.

Construction of the second story addition began in late 2006 and was completed in April of this year. The $5.1 million Design-Build project added approximately 19,000 square feet to the existing facility. The expansion, located above the current OB unit, includes 17 private mother/baby suites and a second nursery.

The first floor of the unit will now be used primarily for prenatal care, labor and delivery. The second floor will focus on mothers and newborns during their postpartum stay. A “Lactation Station” has also been added in this project offering patients an exclusive site for breastfeeding support, supplies and education

According to Todd Korte, President and CEO of The Korte Company, “We are certainly proud to be a part of Anderson Hospital’s expansion efforts. Our team delivered on time and on budget, and we’re looking forward to doing it again very soon.”

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