Korte puts the hammer down for Hammer Down

At The Korte Company, we live by the relentless belief that hard work and smart planning can lead to success in any and every build. We strive to watch intently, work diligently and build smart as the landscape around us changes with the evolving needs of society. For us, it’s thrilling to see what was once mapped out on paper begin to unfold and take shape right before our eyes. So it’s only natural that we would want to be part of another organization that does the same. A group of hardworking teammates that makes good decisions on the “run”, a team that puts the greater good ahead of individual glory, a pack that can follow a plan and adjust it no matter what might be thrown its way.

Enter a hardworking local bike team in need of a sponsor.

Since late last year, we at The Korte Company have been a very proud sponsor of Hammer Down Racing. Based in O’Fallon, Illinois, Hammer Down is a team of elite St. Louis area riders from a region that’s rich in cycling and continues to show vitality. This was one project we couldn’t resist.

“This was an interesting opportunity for us because it allowed us to get behind a group of people who are passionate about their craft just as we’re passionate about ours,” said Todd Korte, our president. “Whether someone is driving an up-hill sprint or a 2 3/4″ nail, you have to respect those who love what they do.”

And the passion doesn’t stop at the finish line.

From first pistol, members of the Hammer Down Racing team have played a tremendous role in fueling social visibility and inspiring advancement of both the team brand and The Korte Company brand. Team members have been very active on both Facebook and Twitter, and through these channels, have been involved in the look of their racing kits, logos, slogans, t-shirts and more. Additionally, Hammer Down Racing has been able to establish itself as a consistent performer with multiple wins and top ten finishes as the season has progressed (and there’s a lot more racing to be done this year).

“We’re extremely thrilled to be a part of a project that has such a positive impact on the community,’’ said Todd Imming, CMO of The Korte Company. “Sponsoring groups such as the Hammer Down team can only add to the St. Louis area, and that’s something we’re trying to do on our job-sites daily.”

With continued effort, hard work and dedication to excellence, Korte Hammer Down Racing will remain a force in the local competitive biking circuit – just as we at The Korte Company have remained a force in the construction industry.

Here’s to us all doing our part to make a better, stronger, smarter local community.

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