Medical construction and design: a new model for outpatient care

Outpatient medical construction and design is changing

Across the country, we see a major shift in medical construction and design. For years, we’ve operated in the age of the centralized hospital, one care center for many patients. Healthcare providers have stockpiled treatment options, specializations, medical technologies and skillsets into huge hospitals.

But today, as our neighborhoods, cities and towns continue to grow, healthcare providers are looking for more and more ways to stay ahead of patients’ needs. With that in mind, administrators are considering the use of separate facilities to take care of outpatients.

We’re seeing more and more healthcare providers build outpatient clinics, medical offices and urgent care centers. Instead of having just one, centralized hospital, many towns will soon have that hospital and outpatient clinics on their outskirts — and “inskirts.” That means patients will have better access to care and have less wait time to get it.

Even better, we see new technologies improving care every day, and we see innovations in the way healthcare providers come together to deliver complete care.

Thanks to all the people who build better care every day. Because of the healthcare innovations that happen all the time, facilities will look vastly different and run even better 10 years from today.

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As builders, we believe that medical construction and design should be about providing you the best place to care for your patients. Though every outpatient care center will be different, we believe all outpatient centers should be cost effective, flexible and clean.

We’ve built healthcare facilities for more than 50 years, and we’ve delivered every single build on budget and on time. Click below to see some of our most comprehensive healthcare construction work.


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