Meet Chris Schneider – he’s an Architect here at The Korte Company

In this blog post, we’re going to sit down and chat with Chris Schneider, an Architect here at The Korte Company. This Kansas State grad has been in the industry for almost eight years now and has already worked on a variety of different Design-Build construction projects. With no further ado, meet Chris.

How long have you been working at a construction company?
I’ve been working at a construction company for 2 and a half years.

As many know, The Korte Company is a Design-Build construction company. What’s your role here?
I’m responsible for the coordination and production of schematic, design development and construction documents.

When approaching floor plan layout, what are your biggest challenges?
The biggest challenge is making the building plan efficient while maintaining adjacencies, circulation and performance requirements of the individual space.

Take us through your average day as a design professional?
The bulk of my day consists of producing drawings and providing construction administration. What I enjoy most about my job is that there isn’t an average day. I am able to work on many different projects and my responsibilities continuously change.

The Korte Company offers BIM services. Tell us about your experience and capabilities.
BIM, or Building Integrated Modeling, is a great tool which allows the designers, estimators, constructors and owners to better coordinate, visualize and price projects.
It has helped our team collaborate early in the design process which would not have been possible with a 2d delivery system. The amount of data a BIM model can hold is amazing and is a great benefit to our clients.

You’re a LEED Accredited Professional. How does that affect your day to day responsibilities as a Design-Build professional?
At Korte Design, I have had the privilege of working on numerous LEED Certified projects. My responsibilities and all aspects of a project are influenced by green building techniques or products. Sustainable techniques take precedence in many of our designs and are considered and applied throughout the entire design and construction process.

You recently became a licensed Missouri architect. Tell us about that process
Last October, I successfully completed the A.R.E. and the IDP (Architectural Registration Exams and the Intern Development Program). I have been testing since July 2011 and have been logging hours for IDP since 2007.

On November 7th, I received my Architectural License from the Missouri Board. Now, I’m allowed to affix my personal seal to any plans, specifications, drawings, reports or other documents that I have prepared or have been prepared under my direct supervision.

The next step is to turn in an application to become NCARB certified, which is the highest professional standards established by the registration boards responsible for protecting the health, safety and welfare of the public. The process was extremely challenging but I know being licensed will help take me to the next level.

What do you do in your spare time?
Right now I am busy planning a wedding and looking for a house, but I do make the time to play in a hockey league on Sundays.

You’re having a poker party. If you could invite anyone to play, who would be at the table?
Chris Farley, Steve Martin, Louis Kahn, Frank Lloyd Wright, Brett Hull

What was your first job?
I helped my uncle remodel houses which provided me a basic understanding of construction means and methods.

K-State on the gridiron or K-State on the hardwood?
K-State on the gridiron. But I try to watch all the football and basketball games throughout the year thanks to my DVR.

You studied at Czech Technical University in Prague. What was that like? What do you miss?
Studying abroad gave me the opportunity to learn about Czech culture and architecture, travel throughout Europe and meet interesting people. I miss being able to easily take the metro around the city instead of having to drive everywhere…and I miss the pivo (beer).

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