Meet Nicole Peters, the newest member of the I.T. staff

Please welcome Nicole Peters to The Korte Company. She’s a graduate of Kaskaskia College and has a degree as a Computer Applications Specialist. 

Nicole’s going to be helping out in the I.T. department with all the things non-techies don’t understand, so you’d better be nice to her. Her official title is ‘Help Desk Technician’. Learn it, because chances are she’s going to be fixing whatever it is you broke.

Nicole hails from St. Rose, Illinois, where she grew up on a dairy farm – getting up early, milking cows and driving tractors. Even today, she likes to go back to the farm and help her parents out with the chores. Since she was a little kid, Nicole’s been working. Besides taking care of farm chores, she was also a waitress and a bartender, which means she’ll be able to handle even the most unintelligible questions we throw at her.

Today, Nicole is a resident of Germantown, Illinois where she lives with her husband, Eric. And when she’s not working, or doing chores on the farm, Nicole likes to hunt deer – just another good reason to be nice to Nicole and welcome her to the company.

Nicole, welcome. We’re excited to have you at The Korte Company.


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