Modern Bank Designs and the Personal Approach


In the past, banks and credit unions have planned, designed, and constructed large buildings that had vast open spaces and consequently, a cold look and feel. They were geared to a corporate-oriented look with no emphasis on making the clients feel as if they had any real place inside the bank itself. There was no personal touch or feel to the interior look of banks. But that has all been changing.

The Personal Spaces

Through consulting with the design team and architects, many banks create a more personalized interior for their clients. The use of personal spaces is very evident in most of the designs. With more clients utilizing online banking, they have created spaces in the bank where a client could do his online banking by using Internet connection points. Here they have access to a private place inside the bank to securely conduct any online transactions.

Numerous banks consider convenience for all their clients and staff and they incorporate this into the interior design of their work and client spaces. Waiting areas offer coffee stations for clients, who feel welcome and relaxed. The furniture and décor has been designed to create a warm atmosphere. Comfort is also of the essence among banks that contain a TV wall and efficient, yet calming, furniture.

Benefits of Sufficient Planning

There are companies that will manage any renovation of an existing bank with such efficiency, that the normal activities will suffer no interruption. With proper and sufficient planning beforehand, these design companies often allow a bank to complete the renovations over the space of a weekend. After the weekend, operations could commence like before.

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