A Mother’s Day update on Women in Construction

While we certainly understand that not all women in construction are mothers, we wanted to say Happy Mother’s Day nonetheless and provide a few statistics we’ve noticed recently about women in construction.

According to this PDF from the National Association of Women in Construction, an organization formed to enhance the success of women in the construction industry, women now comprise about 9 percent of the construction workforce. And, according to the document, in order to remain competitive, the industry must continue to recruit, train and employ women.

We agree as whole hearted as the Mom tattoos on our arms.

In fact, when looking at the statistics, we can’t help but hope things pick up. In 2005, there were some 1,079,000 women in the construction industry. Now, -272,000 jobs later, that number is at 807,000. It’s important to note, this number has often hovered around the 10% mark. So the decrease in numbers is more than likely due to overall industry cut backs than it is to women being less involved in our industry.

As of this past December 31, the 807,000 women employed in construction industry broke down as follows:

  • 418,000 women in “Sales and Office”
  • 234,000 women in “Professional & Management”
  • 138,000 women in “Natural Resources, Construction & Maintenance”
  • 10,000 women in “Service Occupations”
  • 21,000 women in “Transportation & Material Moving”

Some numbers to crunch. Some food for thought. All while enjoying a most excellent Mother’s Day! We hope it’s terrific.

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