Prevention and preparation in hospital construction: a look at Anderson Hospital

In healthcare construction, you’re not just building for administrators, doctors and nurses. You’re building for patients, families and emergencies. You’re building for children and the elderly. You’re building for the entire local community.

When we undertook the Anderson Hospital construction project, we knew we were building for a number of stakeholders. We also knew we weren’t just building for the here and now, we were preparing the hospital for future expansions. We knew it would take a number of planning stages to pull off the construction project.

Research and collaboration to prepare for future expansion

In healthcare construction, and all construction really, it’s important that you hire a builder that doesn’t just build for the now. But researches, prepares, plans and builds for the future.

We credit much of the success of the Anderson Hospital construction program to the detailed vision that the hospital administrators had and their willingness to work with our engineers and architects to accommodate their growing needs. After meeting extensively with the administrators, we had a thorough understanding of their healthcare goals. With the information in hand, we were able to complete a master facilities plan that guided the whole construction project.

A healthcare construction company should build smart from the beginning. They should prepare and deliver a building program that will allow your facility to evolve and expand with the future growth expected in your area. For us, in layman’s terms, that meant extra columns here and additional footings there at Anderson Hospital. In some cases, expansion would most likely be vertical — so we built accordingly.

The big picture

With this project, and every project your healthcare construction company delivers, they should look at the bigger picture before any shovel ever hits dirt. While we certainly can’t take the credit for the success that Anderson Hospital has achieved, we can take credit for helping them prepare for it.

To gain a more detailed understanding of hospital construction, click below to download and read our Anderson Hospital construction case study.


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