Project estimating just became more seamless

As pioneers of the Design-Build construction method, efficiency has been at the heart of what we do for decades. And we just made that process even more streamlined by choosing a more collaborative estimation tool.

It’s called DESTINI Estimator from Beck Technology. Developed with crowd-sourced input from experienced estimators, the platform includes the following features:

  • Full-featured, yet easy-to-use estimating functionality.
  • Integrated 2D and 3D takeoff.
  • Highly customizable cost database and dashboard-based reporting.
  • Estimate comparison views and Microsoft Excel imports.

Beck Technology is no stranger to us. We’ve been using their companion software for 5D modeling and estimating, DESTINI Profiler, since 2015. Using DESTINI Profiler to conceptualize and estimate projects in the early preconstruction phase, we’re positioned for improved communication with owners that helps us win more work.

“With both DESTINI Profiler and DESTINI Estimator on board, Korte can now significantly reduce the number of steps and time taken to align a project vision with the project cost,” said Stewart Carroll, Beck Technology’s Chief Operating Officer. “The world is moving to more lean methods, and Korte’s use of the DESTINI suite supports both the target value design approach and more traditional preconstruction methods in a single platform. Because DESTINI products are designed to work seamlessly together, Korte will have a much more integrated design and bid process. That’s a win for their preconstruction team, as well as Korte’s clients, who will get more value out of the preconstruction process at every stage.”

The innovation behind Beck Technology stems from DESTINI: design estimation integration initiative. DESTINI Profiler and DESTINI Estimator share a common cost database schema, allowing companies to manage a single database platform for both conceptual and detailed estimating. DESTINI Profiler outputs can be opened in DESTINI Estimator and form the basis of the downstream estimating process. Alternatively, DESTINI Estimator can be used from the beginning of the project through project completion.

When we began the process of replacing our previous estimating software, DESTINI Estimator was one of several products we had our eye on. We sent team members to Beck Technology’s Dallas office for a hands-on, intensive exploration, which included a demonstration of Estimator along with hands-on training.

“The success that Korte has had with Profiler provided a high level of trust with their executive team, and they agreed to move forward into the implementation planning phase,” says Tyler Barron, Account Executive with Beck Technology. “(We) introduced an innovative, collaborative approach to implementation planning to help Korte ensure a seamless rollout and take full advantage of Estimator’s extensive capabilities. We were also happy to coordinate client-specific terms in the agreement to better meet Korte’s needs.”

Build Smart is more than a strategy we follow, it’s an idea we live by. And it reaches far beyond what we do on a construction site. By implementing cutting edge collaborative estimation software, we’re more poised than ever to deliver the Design-Build solution that best fits your needs, on-budget, on-time, every single time.

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