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Ralph Korte is Awarded TCA’s Highest Honor

Ralph Korte, founder of The Korte Company, received the Peter Courtois Memorial Award, the Tilt-Up Concrete Association’s greatest honor at this year’s TCA Convention in Denver, Colorado.

The Peter Courtois Memorial Award is a reflection of Ralph’s dedication and contribution to the tilt-up industry as recognized by his peers. The award honors Peter Courtois, who died in 1992 after serving as senior vice-president of engineering for Dayton Superior (formerly Dayton-Richmond Corporation). Courtois, an employee of Dayton Superior for 32 years, immeasurably contributed to the tilt-up industry through his tireless effort and dedication to several industry associations. He served on seven ACI committees, most notably the ACI-551 Tilt-Up Concrete Construction committee. In addition, he was a fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers and served as the initial president of TCA.

We are extremely proud of Ralph, and share his enthusiasm for tilt-up construction as a building system that has truly revolutionized the construction industry.

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