Regional Hospital Design: Healthcare Planning


The economics of a regional hospital design and its planning can truly make or break a hospital. Apart from the regulations and codes that the hospital administrators have to consider, there is the Return on Investment (ROI) that they have to take into account for the upgrading of their facilities. The most important question is – Which cost efficient method will be the best for the expansion project: to renovate or add facilities?

The input that staff, community leaders, and physicians have to offer is vital to the survival of a regional hospital. A hospital forms part of a community, and to ensure its long-term survival, it must generate a community connection. Because there is no real guarantee that the new hospital will bring in the expected amount of business, it cannot solely be build on financially feasible numbers.

It is true that building a new hospital is the more expensive route, but there may be a dramatic improvement in the overall quality and efficiency of health care over time.

Planning Methods

A typical ten-step planning process will normally take 12-15 weeks to complete. The time of completion will depend on the complexity and the size of the project. One important factor to consider is that the community is usually involved in this planning phase as well.

  1. Project start up and questionnaire session
  2. Area-wide factors and situation assessment
  3. Interviews with Directors
  4. Master plan concepts and space allocation program
  5. Building zoning concepts and master facility plan
  6. Development of site plan alternative concepts
  7. Total project budget, phasing, and scheduling
  8. Presenting of master plan options to leadership of hospital
  9. Final phasing/budget options
  10. Final presentation to the board of directors

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