Should Hospitals Renovate or Replace Aging Facilities?


Since the year 2002, continual surveys have been conducted by various organizations to closely monitor and determine the growth in the number of new hospitals and other health care institutions being built. The figures are staggering and these surveys showed that in 2002 alone there were about 82 new hospitals completed, with another 105 in the process of being constructed.

Why Consider Replacement?

These findings have resulted in a further survey to explain why such high development of health care facilities and institutions are taking place. They also wanted to determine if this replacement strategy was achieving the desired results.

These are the following main reasons why hospitals might select a replacement strategy:

  1. The institutes are looking at their position in the market of health care.
  2. The sites of the institutes are limited for much needed new facilities.
  3. They see it as an opportunity to improve their operations.

Many hospitals date as far back as the 1950’s and are in need of improvement to meet the growing needs of the health care industry. Many of these facilities are limited by the sites on which they were constructed and there is no room for expanding. In other cases, the surrounding buildings and offices have expanded their parking areas, which has made it impossible to develop the building.

Renovation Limitations

Planning the intended us of renovated spaces is difficult when the floor-to-floor space in existing buildings is considered. This, as well as the actual available area of each floor, could limit the hospital in maximizing improvements of all operating costs.

The various advantages of opting for a replacement strategy are overwhelming to many of the health care institutions. Additional studies showed the definite benefits of replacing aged facilities and the evidence shows the positive affect that it has on the overall operations of these replacement hospitals.

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