Tinker Multi-Aircraft Hangar Sets the Stage for Air Force Sustainment Center

The Air Force utilized their newest and most impressive hangar, built by The Korte Company, at Tinker Air Force Base, for a day of ceremonial fanfare. The new 164,443 square-foot Tinker Multi-Aircraft Hangar was the backdrop for the promotion of Major General Litchfield (2-star) to Lieutenant General (3-star) who now heads the Air Force Sustainment Center. Tinker Air Force Base was designated as the headquarters for the newly formed Air Force Sustainment Center (AFSC), and will provide oversight of air logistics centers at Tinker, Robins Air Force Base (GA), Hill Air Force Base (UT), along with Scott Air Force Base in Illinois. AFSC headquarters at Tinker will also execution and consolidation oversight of maintenance, supply chain activities and installation support.

The AFSC will be responsible for more than 32,000 military and civilian personnel and oversee installation support to more than 75,000 personnel working in 141 separate units.

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