The Korte Company reaches 1 million safety hour milestone

The Korte Company has recently logged 1,000,000 hours without a lost-time accident. In 1988, The Korte Company, initiated its ‘Safety is a State of Mind’ campaign, which has been an integral part of the company’s safety program. As a company, safety is a priority that involves everyone from the office staff to engineers and managers in the field.

Previously, The Korte Company achieved Zero lost time hours in 2004, and had been recognized by the Associated General Contractors of America with the ‘Construction Safety Excellence Award’. The company received this award again in 2007. This year, The Korte Company also received the Occupational Excellence Achievement Award, reflecting an excellent safety rating from the National Safety Council.

The company’s safety program continues to evolve by incorporating new methods and technologies, an approach that has allowed The Korte Company to remain an industry leader.

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