UNLV Construction Management Department Names Advisory Board

The Construction Management Department at University of Las Vegas recently announced its newly appointed Industry Advisory Board. The department offers a four-year program which merges Business, Engineering and Architectural programs into a single curriculum producing management-level employees to the burgeoning construction industry both in Las Vegas and nationally.

Greg Korte was named as President, Jim Main was named Vice President, and Ray Brady was appointed as the Secretary/Treasurer. Also on the board are; David Alexander, Shawn Danoski, Kim Gregory, Les Henley, Tony Illia, Kreg Koehler, Gene Lazaroff , Steve Lords, Dennis Nelson, Jesse Paulk, Stephen C. Roel, Linda Shields, J.A. Tiberti, Walter Vodraszka, Bill Wadley, Laura Walters, Rodney Whisenhunt.

Greg Korte, President of The Korte Company’s Las Vegas Division, stated, “With the demand that we are experiencing in the industry for management-level personnel it is important that we focus on available resources within the valley as well as looking outside of Las Vegas. The UNLV program is a fully accredited program through the American Council of Construction Education (ACCE) and not enough people know about it. We need to educate the public as well as support the program that will assist in filling our tremendous management demand both for general contactors and subcontractors alike”.

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