What is a Certified Professional Constructor (CPC)?

In layman’s terms, a Certified Professional Constructor (CPC) designation ensures that an individual knows his or her way around a job site. From top to bottom – inside and out. For clients and owners, the CPC designation provides an added level of assurance that the job is getting done right. Or as we say at The Korte Company, built smart.

The CPC distinction was created by the American Institute of Constructors, or AIC, to recognize those in the construction industry who are committed to a higher standard of practice through education, experience and ethics. A comprehensive examination, designed by the industry’s best, is an integral part of the coursework and not only demonstrates a high level of competence of the construction process, but also raises the level of professionalism within the industry. The AIC was designed to promote individual professionalism and excellence throughout the related fields of construction. Its purpose it to serve the industry through individual competence by developing quality standards of practice. The institute also provides a platform to exchange ideas, develop leadership and foster ethical standards.

The Korte Company and CPC

Currently, we’re happy to announce that The Korte Company has embraced the role of the Certified Professional Constructor as well as the overall mission of the American Institute of Constructors and have a number of associates who are designated CPCs. Our hope is to continue this trend and create awareness among our peers and within the industry to help facilitate its growth.


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