Your distribution facility and warehouse builders must be masters of logistics and efficiency

After all, that’s the business you’re in. They should certainly follow suit. How can the distribution facilities and warehouses they’re building best accommodate your daily needs and pains if they don’t understand the needs and pains themselves?

It’s a very important question that’s well worth asking, especially when it comes time to tap one of them for construction duties.

When appointing your builder, make sure to vet them carefully on their ability to deliver on-time and on-budget. And don’t stop there. There’s much more you need to know.

Do they really understand logistics and how it affects you the client? How do they approach loading docks, delivery and shipping traffic lanes, and front-office organization? Perhaps there is a cross-dock situation where receiving is coming in on one side and shipping is going 
out on the other. How does that work? Is your builder taking the time to understand your process and pains? They must, if you’re going to get a facility that has been built smart.

At The Korte Company, logistics and efficiency are very much part of our own buidling process. It’s how we build smart. For instance, we delivered a 504 Tilt-Up panel, 1,263,000 square foot distribution center for one of the world’s largest packaged goods companies.

Considering the sheer space, the sequencing and the actual building, this was a project we’re proud to say was not only on-time and on-budget, but strong in operation as well. Every project that we deliver is a custom-made hybrid where we’re actually creating efficiencies in our clients’ building to help them do their job better.

The above is an excerpt from a white paper we recently published titled “How to hire a manufacturing or distribution center facility builder”. Download the full guide below.


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