Construction services

At The Korte Company, the job is always the boss. That means we pick the best tool for the job. When it comes to construction delivery methods, whether we use fully integrated Design-Build, general contracting or construction management, we get the job done.

On time, on budget, every time. As we’ve grown into one of the biggest construction companies in the U.S., we’ve added a full suite of construction services. We offer full architectural design, surveying, interior design, assessments and even emergency construction and disaster restoration.


Long before it became standard practice, we invented this innovative construction delivery method. In Design-Build, we bring architectural design and construction under one roof and coordinate both at the same time.
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Construction management

We’re experienced as a CM at risk and can coordinate every aspect of a build from start to finish, administering all contracts as efficiently as possible. We provide complete financial and business assessments for projects.
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General contracting

We’ve partnered with a long list of architects and subcontractors and delivered hundreds of facilities as a general contractor.
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Architectural design

Our Korte Design team isn’t your typical group of architects. We design world-class, eye-catching facilities. And we bring value engineering and cost reduction directly into our work.
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Small construction

There’s no job too big or too small for us. And we take pride in everything we build.
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Interior design

We design not only the outside, but also the inside of your building. Furniture. Themes. Vibrant finishes. From beginning to end, we manage every element of your interior design and construction project.
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We provide all the property, construction and land surveys you need to meet all regulations and to build your facility. Our team provides a complete, end-to-end surveying solution.
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We provide all financial, project and facility assessments you need to build smart, within your budget and on your time schedule. We can even help you rescue a project that’s running inefficiently.
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Emergency construction services

Mother Nature is fickle. Disasters can strike at a moment’s notice. That’s why we’ve assembled the finest emergency construction response team. We’ve helped businesses big and small rapidly rebuild after some of the worst storms.
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EM 385 Training

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