How to deliver in the Northwestern U.S.

While The Korte Company has delivered thousands of jobs in 43 U.S. states and counting, we’ve become attached to working in the Northwest—and it’s not because of the weather.

Instead, it’s because this dynamic region has given us opportunities to learn more about how to deliver quality buildings no matter where you are. And in the process, we’ve built some rock-solid long-term relationships.

This is how we’ve made it work.

Overcoming regional construction challenges

There are two basic necessities to successfully delivering projects in the Northwest: Our partners and the weather.

The first is building relationships with the local workforce. Our subcontractors, partners and vendors are the lifeline to any project, both in terms of efficiency and schedule. It’s something we work very hard at, long before any shovels hit the dirt.

We build smart. And we partner with companies who do the same. We’ve delivered more than 4,000 projects across the country. But we didn’t do it alone. Someone once said that you’re only as good as the people you work with, and we couldn’t agree more. It requires added planning and a good knowledge of regional talent, but it’s worth it to us, and especially our clients.

We work with the best, and we treat every subcontractor and vendor like a partner, because they are. Our teams are built on the basis of performance, mutual respect and trust. That’s why we have been named ASA (American Subcontractor Association) Contractor of the Year three times. It also means that our partners are paid on time and treated fairly.

The way we see it, we’re in this together. We understand the value of a job well done, and expect the same caliber of quality and craftsmanship that we set for ourselves.

The Northwest has more rainy days than almost anywhere else in the U.S. And in the construction business, a rainout can throw a wrench into the best planned construction schedules. There’s no question that Northwestern weather is a formidable foe. But it’s one that we’ve been able to tame with the help of our local team. They’ve grown up in the area and can work through almost any weather the Northwest can throw at them. And each time, we learn a little more.

Workforce connections in the Northwest

The importance of building teams of local subcontractors and vendors cannot be overstated. Something we’ve learned over the years as we expanded our footprint into places like Oklahoma City and Las Vegas is that doing diligent groundwork pays off. It’s especially true in the Northwest; as we noted above, the region is experiencing a building boom.

That’s where persistence pays off. We want to build in the Northwest—not because it’s a hot market but because it’s a good one. We do our best to do right by our partners in the region. And job by job, word gets out. Patiently delivering quality jobs pays off in the form subcontractors and vendors choosing to work with us.

The right partner for your next job

No doubt, with a building boom in progress you have plenty of choices when it comes to who builds your next building.

If you think The Korte Company is right for the job, let’s talk. If you want to learn more about our work in the region, our guide Why a Midwest contractor is the right fit for a Northwest owner is a great resource.

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