Success in cold storage warehouse construction

When it’s time to consider building a cold storage space, facility managers for large-scale food processors, distributors and local grocers alike need contractors to understand two things. First, the facility being built or renovated must be easy to keep clean. Second, construction scheduling and phasing must accommodate a fully-operational facility.

On both counts, The Korte Company has all stakeholders covered. We’ve completed hundreds of cold storage warehouse construction projects across the country, from large freezer facilities for food processing giants down to small cold storage units in neighborhood grocery stores.

Cleanliness is critical

In large food preparation and processing facilities, keeping the equipment and environment clean is paramount because continued operation depends on maintaining a sanitary working environment.

Temperature-controlled systems are an integral component of most facilities. HVAC systems with high-powered ammonia cooling units are often used to maintain sub-zero temperatures in cold storage facilities. Low temperatures help promote cleanliness by inhibiting bacteria growth, but additional steps are necessary for maintaining a clean, healthy facility.

Food preparation and processing facilities are cleaned constantly. That’s why seamless construction techniques are integrated into the foundation, structure, trims, finishes and other components. Spaces are designed to eliminate recesses and crevices to prevent bacteria growth and dramatically reduce the possibility that water will collect and stagnate.

We’ve made it a point to become familiar with the rigorous food safety inspections these facilities must pass. Armed with that knowledge from the start, we eliminate a learning curve that could delay planning and potentially lead to costly mistakes during construction.

Keeping operations on track

The majority of our cold storage warehouse construction projects have been additions and renovations to existing facilities. These jobs present added challenges because disrupting operations at those facilities could cause processors and distributors to miss quotas and deadlines. In turn, that could affect consumers by straining the fine-tuned logistics patterns that keep prices and supplies steady.

That’s why The Korte Company works hand in hand with facility managers in pre-construction to develop the most efficient construction plan possible. We also meet regularly with managers as construction progresses to ensure the project stays on time and that existing processes aren’t affected.

Leaders in cold storage warehouse construction

At The Korte Company, we’ve done enough cold storage warehouse construction projects for processors, distributors and grocers to know that clean, well-built facilities play a critical role in maintaining a safe and healthy food supply.

It’s about paying attention to detail. It’s about familiarity with the special materials and cooling components that make these facilities what they are. It’s about frequent communication with managers to ensure their ongoing processes remain profitable during a renovation or expansion. Consider these cold storage and temperature-controlled facilities we’ve delivered:

Just as cold storage facilities must be seamless, The Korte Company’s Design-Build method integrates our design, engineering and construction professionals into a seamless unit. We continue to design and construct these specialized facilities across the U.S., developing trusted relationships with local subcontractors on each project. No matter where your next project might be, chances are we’ve worked near there before and know what it takes deliver any cold storage facility on-time and on-budget.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we approach cold storage warehouse construction projects, let’s talk. You can also download the guide below to see how we use smarter design to maximize efficiency in warehouse facilities.

How to maximize warehouse efficiency with smarter design

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