The Korte Company earns national recognition from USPS

Accolades for one of our recent projects keep rolling in: The U.S. Postal Service has announced that The Korte Company is among five nationwide firms honored with Supplier Excellence Awards for the 2017 fiscal year and the only Design-Build facility contractor included among the awardees.

The award was given based on successful completion of the construction of an 818,000-square-foot Processing and Distribution Center in Portland, Oregon. The facility, which also includes 29,000 square feet of vehicle maintenance space, sits on 43 acres of reclaimed land adjacent to the city’s main airport.

USPS awards Korte Company

The project brought out the best in our team as well as that of our vendors and subcontractors: Despite one of the worst winters on record, we finished the distribution center six months ahead of schedule. That helped the USPS realize overall operations cost savings.

“The Korte Company is very thankful for this award. It is an acknowledgement of a mutually beneficial strategic partnership between The Korte Company and the USPS that spans almost 40 years,” said Michael L. Tubbs, Executive Vice President and Project Executive for The Korte Company. “The USPS and Korte have together delivered the best-quality, best-value projects with superior design. We look forward to our future together.”

According to a USPS statement, Supplier Excellence Awards recognize Postal Service suppliers “that have demonstrated exemplary contract performance, innovation and supply chain integration, or played a significant role in helping the Postal Service reduce costs or achieve other strategic objectives.”

USPS Supplier Excellence Award to The Korte Company

USPS Supply Management Vice President Susan M. Brownwell said the awards give the USPS “the opportunity to acknowledge—and celebrate—the contributions of our top-performing suppliers.”

“The focus that these suppliers have placed on performance, communication, innovation and continuous improvement has been instrumental in helping the Postal Service deliver high quality service to our customers,” Brownwell said.

The Korte Company USPS Portland construction team

We’re humbled to receive this honor. While it’s another bit of hardware we can hang up in the office, it also validates our philosophy that going above and beyond for our customers—even when mother nature dumps 58 inches of rain on our jobsite—makes good business sense.

We salute our four-decade relationship with the USPS and stand ready to team up once again on the next big job.

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