A national Design-Build construction company with humble roots

“I’d rather drive nails than eat.” Our founder Ralph Korte said it. To this day, we live it. We put our passion into every project and approach each as if it was our own.

We’re a Design-Build construction company focused on getting the job done. And finding the best way to do it. More than 90 percent of our work is Design-Build because it offers the most flexibility and results in best-value solutions.

To date, we’ve delivered more than 2,000 projects. On-budget. On-time. Every time. We manage more than $200 million of construction volume each year, and we still treat every job like we’re building for our neighbors — the same way we started in 1958.

Our heritage is strong like our work ethic

With little more than a truck, a saw and his good name, Ralph Korte founded The Korte Company in the small town of Highland, IL. Built on a foundation of Midwestern values, an innovative spirit and a tireless pursuit of quality, we quickly grew.

In 1963, we paved the way for Design-Build delivery — 20 years before the rest of the industry recognized it. In the years that followed, we added Tilt-Up construction and Design-Build-Furnish to our advances. And through the years, we’ve remained at the cutting edge of construction delivery methods and technologies — while building for some of the nation’s most recognized companies.

Learn more about our heritage in our company timeline.

The company we keep

More than 84 percent of our business comes from clients who’ve worked with us before. Given the competitive nature of our industry and the complexities of any given project, it’s a point of pride for us. A few of our smiling clients include The Boeing Company, the Department of Defense, NASA, Walgreens, the Wall Street Journal and the United States Postal Service.

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To build smart is to enable a better future

Facilities designed and constructed to be as efficient as they are sustainable. Buildings that are user-friendly and embrace the vision of their owners — that’s how we define building smart.

Our clients know what it’s like to be amazed. That’s what happens when you combine visionary thinking with breakthrough construction methods and technologies. We pride ourselves on always looking for a better way. More efficiencies, faster builds, inspired designs. It’s what drives us.

By incorporating green Design-Build principles and setting new standards of sustainability, we’ve established ourselves as leaders in commercial green design and construction. We’re proud members of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), and we have a strong history of delivering USGBC LEED Certified projects.

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Building safely

The job demands respect. Our approach is to come prepared. So every team member gets home safe. 20 years before it was industry practice, we drafted a formal safety program. Today, safety is ingrained in our culture, with continual training and learning built into everything we do. And it’s paid off. In a documented track record of safe, quality construction.

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