Healthcare construction and hospital construction

At The Korte Company, we’ve delivered Design-Build healthcare construction for just about as long as we’ve been in business. More than 50 years in fact. What's more, the first Design-Build project we delivered was actually a long-term healthcare facility. So we've been handling healthcare construction since day one.

Since that medical facility construction project, we’ve continued to deliver hospital construction that balances the needs of our clients with the needs of the patients.

Our healthcare Design-Build approach is based on current medical building research and offers a holistic response that promotes the healing process through integrated and innovative technology and patient well-being. From healing gardens to high-tech research labs, our diverse range of healthcare construction expertise has helped solidify our position as a leader in medical facility and hospital construction.

Hospital construction and healthcare construction today

Today, hospitals, urgent care clinics and health clinics are much different than they were when we started in 1958. Processes have been improved, flow has been studied, overall patient experience has been thoroughly examined. Today, it's all about evidence-based design. And it should be.

From treatment methods and patient processes to the actual design of clinics, hospitals and ambulatory care centers — we've made it a point to keep up with the times.

It's our mission to make the world healthier

When it comes to our healthcare buildings, we work to put our clients in the best possible position for success. Whether you're hiring us for healthcare facilities planning, evidence-based design or integrated healthcare Design-Build, we find the smartest way to get the job done. That means bringing every element of design and construction together to provide solutions for cost, schedule and constructibility. And it means delivering facilities that improve quality of life for patients and make life easier for care providers. 

We believe that by building smart, we can truly make the world a healthier place to live. We're proud of that mission. And we live it every day.

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