Construction resources for owners

At The Korte Company, we stay sharp. After all, it's the only way to be at the cutting edge.

We're always learning so we can continually improve the way we build. In our ongoing search for ways to build smart, we've accumulated a lot of construction knowledge. And we've seen what works and what doesn't. We put together this construction resource center as a service to you. Here, you'll find the information you need to make educated, smart decisions in regards to the design and construction of your facility. From the basics of the construction process to the unique concerns of building specialty healthcare or manufacturing centers — we're dedicated to providing you highly useful construction resources.


  • 6 case studies on cutting cost, streamlining schedule and building smart

    We've compiled six case studies on some of our toughest projects into one jam-packed guide. Read it to see how we deliver the "impossible" jobs and solve challenges of cost, schedule, constructability and more.

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  • Strategic architectural design: how to meet business goals and maximize ROI

    Architectural design isn’t just art. It’s a blend of strategy, problem solving and vision — form and function coming together to create facilities that meet business needs and improve operations. And it’s the best chance to capture value in your project. Learn how to strategically plan your project and get a design that delivers maximum ROI.

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  • Design-Build buyer's guide: procurement, contracts and project execution

    The Design-Build method is an unmatched driver of innovation and best-value solutions in commercial construction. In this guide, we show you how to procure Design-Build services for your next project, contract with Design-Build firms and manage the execution of your project to reap and maximize the many benefits of Design-Build.

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  • Military-grade construction: 5 lessons the private sector can take from our nation’s finest

    Through the years, we’ve delivered more than 500 projects for the Department of Defense, each one to the most rigorous, mission-critical standards. In this guide, we reveal how the military achieves maximum value from every project — and how you can too. From performance-based design to energy-efficiency gains, securing trade secrets and more, you’ll learn how to build like our nation’s finest.

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  • Green construction: how to maximize your sustainable ROI

    Companies worldwide are investing billions in energy efficiency and sustainability. But only the right green solutions will yield maximum ROI and savings for your facility. In this guide, we show you how to cut through the hype, plan a smart green project and reap the maximum benefits of energy efficiency.

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  • Financing your construction project

    Securing financing is one of the biggest challenges owners face. In our guide to construction finance, we demystify this complex topic, show you how to get financing and introduce you to the best funding sources for projects large and small. Whether you’re new to finance or just need a primer or construction-specific financing strategies, you’ll find this guide a handy tool.

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  • How to maximize warehouse efficiency with smarter design

    In this advanced guide to state-of-the-art distribution facilities, we reveal architectural design strategies and solutions to achieve streamlined operations, projects saving, energy efficiency and rapid construction project delivery. Whether you’re expanding operations or building new, this comprehensive but to-the-point guide has something for you.

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  • The owner's guide to senior living design and construction

    Senior living has changed. Traditional care is quickly being replaced with a hybrid model focused on quality care and quality of life. See why research-based interior design, innovative architectural models and cutting-edge construction methods shape this trend. And learn how to get the most from your project.

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  • High school renovation: a case study in communication

    When Mooresville High School renovated their facilities, they saved $60 million for the taxpayers of Mooresville, Indiana. How? They listened to the community and took great care to get precisely the facility they needed. We helped make it happen. Read this case study to see how total team collaboration and best-value construction saved MHS $60 million.

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  • How to hire a manufacturing and distribution center builder

    Manufacturing and distribution centers have a long list of specialty requirements that center on production and efficiency. Speaking from decades of experience, we provide information in this guide that will help you procure precisely the architectural and construction services you need — on your budget and schedule.

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  • The construction program of Anderson Hospital

    In the construction program of Anderson Hospital, you'll see how to get the most from healthcare construction. We show you each step of the healthcare construction process and walk you through the results Anderson Hospital has enjoyed through smart construction.

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  • Healthcare construction from start to finish

    Healthcare construction and design require specialty knowledge and experience. The process is vastly different when patient outcomes are affected by construction decisions. In this guide, we show you how to work most effectively with your builder and manage your healthcare facility's building program from start to finish.

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  • Know your builder: company culture in construction

    In this buyer's guide, we walk you through the most important ways that great construction companies differ from the rest. We've been building since 1958, and we've seen it all. This guide is a must-read if you're looking to evaluate builders and their abilities to deliver construction solutions that will meet your business needs.

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